Monthly Market Report

Clark County REAL ESTATE Update

Clark County Market Update July 2018 Growing Signs Of Changing Times   Current Market Conditions      Last month I suggested that on the surface the market looked just as stable as it has over the past year + but there seemed to be some hints of a change brewing. RMLS statistics just came out confirming […]

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Market Update for Clark County, WA

Real Estate Update Clark County, WA Real Estate Market Conditions: What buyers/sellers can expect.   MAY 2017 Market Performance Based on April RMLS Stats. Clark County Buyers and Sellers can expect to find a strong seller’s market. Inventory levels suggest the market did weaken just slightly, making what seems to be a normal adjustment. However,

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Housing Bubble Approaching?

Hi, 30 Second Real Estate Market Summary The word from agents and brokers on the street is that the market is slowing faster than is seasonably normal. However, I do not see it in the statistics for September. Here is how I see the market. The stats below suggest the market is moving normally into

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